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Powered by technology, survive by quality
Manufacturing cost-effective chemical equipment for customers

  • 的高新技术企业 Guanghesheng is a high-tech enterprise with strong independent design and research and development capabilities .
  • 为一体的高新技术企业 Is a high-tech enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production, maintenance and sales
  • ,可根据客户需求技术定制 Professional team R & D design , technical customization according to customer needs
  • High degree of mechanical automation, greatly improving production efficiency for customers
  • 认证 The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification
  • High-precision automated production process, perfect production and processing technology, to provide quality assurance

Consulting Hotline: 13961782702

Domestic large boiler equipment production base

平方占地面积, 150人组成的专业技术研发团队,产品覆盖全国各地,远销欧美、东南亚及中东地区 An area of 100,000 square meters , a professional technical research and development team consisting of 150 people . The products cover all parts of the country and are exported to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East

Won several national honorary titles:
  • Jiangsu Provincial High-tech Enterprise
  • Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center
  • Jiangsu Province Intelligent Coal-water Slurry Thermally Conductive Oil Furnace Engineering Technology Research Center
Years of research and innovation, won more than 100 domestic technology patents

等方面拥有100多项次发明专利和实用新型专利技术 Possessing more than 100 invention patents and utility model patents in boiler combustion, heat exchange and structure

Guided by customer needs, to create a Guanghesheng production system with lean concepts

Advanced and excellent facilities and manufacturing equipment are the guarantee of high-quality products. ,威卓越的产品质量提供的可靠地保障。 Our company has purchased more than 300 sets of advanced processing and testing equipment such as plasma cutting machines, CNC drilling equipment, automatic welding systems, various welding equipment, real-time online imaging detection systems, etc. Protection.

I'm responsible for my quality

"Three Guarantees" implemented during product warranty
在产品质保期内,出现制造原因产生的修理由本公司全部承担; During the warranty period of the product, the company shall bear all repairs caused by manufacturing reasons;
在产品质保期内,如产品出现严重的质量问题,无法修复,由本公司负责包换; During the product warranty period, if the product has serious quality problems that cannot be repaired, the company will be responsible for the replacement.
在产品质保期内,如产品出现严重的质量问题,且已经包换程序,由本公司负责包退; During the warranty period of the product, if the product has serious quality problems and has been replaced, the company will be responsible for the return;

Wisdom for innovation, good at wisdom

The concept of science and technology, intelligent manufacturing-based, contemplative research, professionalism and hard work, Hui Neng craftsmanship, unique ingenuity, the heart and the hand, the knowledge and action are united, the skills are made by people, the art is open from the heart.

Siyuan energy saving, keep improving
Xi Neng

My generation feels that there are plenty of resources available. Always in awe, don't forget to stop. The concept of Rongguang Hesheng is shaped and formed into the beauty of environmental protection. Inspirational and holy is based on persistence, dedication and dedication, and the source of Siyuan is imprinted on the soul of Guanghesheng.

Gold medal quality, gathered in all directions

It is innovative, capable, and quality-oriented. It is determined to be a thousand miles away, to dare to be a master of the country, to promote the ambition of Huaxia, to stand in the forest of the strong but not impatient.

Tempering nature, keep enthusiasm forever
Thermal energy

Containing the fine arts and cultivating humanities, the Chinese and Western traditions, ancient and modern, to absorb the essence of traditional art, return to nature, temper the true colors, carefully crafted, carefully polished, tufted up the quality of the boiler industry. Spread the heart of great love forever for the people.

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Guang Hesheng
Guanghesheng Introduction

Wuxi Guanghesheng Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production and sales of glass-lined reactors, tube condensers, horizontal enamel reactors, stainless steel reactors, spiral plate heat exchangers, stainless steel enamel reactors, glass reactors, unsaturated polyester Resin equipment, enamel reactor, vacuum harrow dryer, 100 liter glass-lined reactor, WZI external heating vacuum evaporator, magnetic reactor, slicer dryer, double-layer glass reactor, seed tank series, electric heating Glass-lined reaction kettle, ZN vacuum decompression concentration tank, closed glass-lined reaction kettle, ZN-C type new concentration tank, open glass-lined reaction kettle, etc.

Consulting Hotline: 13961782702

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