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Structural principle and characteristics of mechanical sealed reactor

Release date: 2019-01-11 14:08:56 Visits: 409

Structural principle of mechanical sealed reactor: It consists of pot body, lid, stirrer, jacket, support and transmission device, shaft seal device, etc. The material and opening can be formulated according to the user's process requirements. Heating forms include electric heating, oil heating, gas heating, water heating (or cooling), and open flame heating.

Jacket types are divided into: jacket type and outer half-tube type, and jacket oil heating type are equipped with flow guiding devices.

Stirring types are generally paddle type, anchor type, frame type, spiral type, and scraped wall type. High-speed types include discrete impeller type, turbine type, high shear type, and propeller type for customers to choose according to the process. The transmission forms include ordinary motors, explosion-proof motors, electromagnetic speed-regulating motors, and inverters. The reactor shaft seal is a common water-cooled packing seal, a combined tetrafluoro packing seal, and a mechanical seal. There are ball valve and down valve.

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