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Quick release of snap ring

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The snap ring quick-disassembly miniature reactor is widely used in various miniature reactions, miniature high-pressure synthesis, digital display miniature reactions, gas-liquid two-phase, liquid-liquid two-phase, exothermic reactions, composition testing, stability, corrosion testing, fine chemicals , Supercritical reaction, evaluation and development of digital display micro-agents, petrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical, polymer synthesis, metallurgy and other fields.

The snap ring quickly disassembles the miniature high-pressure reactor, using high-precision processing equipment, well-processed, reasonable design, well-configured and superior performance. With over-temperature fault early warning function; snap ring quick disassembly structure is simple and labor-saving operation, the kettle body is separated from heating, safe and reliable. High temperature resistant seal, easy to install and disassemble, easy to replace. The miniature magnetic stirring high-pressure reactor with superior performance must be the best reaction equipment for scientific researchers.

Snap ring quick disassembly miniature reactor features:

Small size, simple structure and easy operation, snap ring quick disassembly structure is convenient for experimental work, safe, labor-saving and simple

Independent heating unit and control unit, accurate temperature control, long-term work under high temperature and pressure, modular design, safe and reliable

The temperature inside and outside of the reactor is double-controlled. The temperature control accuracy is up to plus or minus 1 ° C. The stirring speed can be controlled.
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