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Construction of biomimetic antifouling coating and its application in performance research

Date: 2019-01-11 14:14:14 Visits: 452

The further research and development of biomimetic antifouling coatings will accumulate experience and provide technical support for the preparation and use of biomimetic antifouling coatings, and will save energy and reduce consumption of China's ships and related marine facilities, improve the reliability of reactor equipment Durability, enhanced ship mobility and combat capabilities will have a positive and profound impact, with far-reaching strategic significance and huge economic benefits.

The hazards of fouling organisms, the attachment mechanism of fouling organisms and their influencing factors, the methods of preventing and controlling fouling organisms, and the history and current status of the development of antifouling coatings. The principles and methods of biological antifouling in nature are analyzed. From the perspective of bionics, the paper constructs low surface energy type, bionic microstructure type, and mucus exudation type through artificial simulation of three biological antifouling methods: surface microstructure, antifoulant release, and mucus exudation in nature. Antifoulant release type, enzyme-loaded type

The phenomenon that microorganisms, plants and animals in the ocean attach to ships, submarines, drilling equipment, instruments, breeding cages and other objects immersed in seawater and adversely affect them is called biological fouling. Biological fouling has brought serious damage to marine facilities such as ships, submarines, and reactor equipment, caused huge economic waste, and restricted the expansion of China's marine defense and marine business. The traditional marine antifouling coatings are gradually withdrawing from the historical stage because of their high toxicity. The development of new and efficient non-toxic antifouling coating materials is imminent.
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