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Pressure resistance of hydrogenation reaction tank

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If the catalyst is palladium carbon, it will not catch fire when placed in a humid place. When adding to the hydrogenation reactor, quickly add and then add the solution used for the reaction. After the reaction in the hydrogenation reactor is complete, be sure to cool down before discharging, let the hydrogen be discharged, fill with nitrogen to exhaust, and then press filter. Recover the catalyst. If hot pumping is required, the hydrogen must be purged in an overpressure filter. The catalyst was rinsed with a solvent and sealed. Usually the catalyst used in the pilot test will be used until the activity is not available, and it is rarely taken out once. The catalyst is only taken out when activation is needed, so there is no need to worry too much about the danger of the catalyst.

Normal industrial hydrogenation reactors must withstand a certain pressure, but for hydrogenation, pressure is usually required; for small tests, it is best to use pressure-resistant stainless steel reactors. If stainless steel reactors have an impact on the catalyst, The inside of the kettle is lined with tetrafluoride; the hydrogen gas after the small or medium test can be passed into the pool. Usually chemical plants have pools, which must be clean pools. When hydrogen is discharged, it should be slowly released. Finally, it must be pumped. Under nitrogen flushing.

In short, the tightness of the device must be checked during hydrogenation, and the valves and safety valves must be opened and closed to ensure that there is no air leakage or liquid leakage. Also check the pressure gauge and thermometer on the kettle, this must be corrected.
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