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Carbon steel reactor

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Carbon steel reactors are suitable for environments that do not contain corrosive liquids, such as certain oil products.
Note that the reactor is a kind of reaction equipment. Pay attention to it during operation. Otherwise, it will be damaged for many reasons and the production will be forced to stop. Pay attention to many aspects of the operation of the reactor.
First, the reactor must be operated strictly in accordance with regulations.
Secondly, before operation, carefully check for abnormalities. In normal operation, do not open the upper cover and touch the terminals on the board to avoid electric shock; do not operate under pressure; carefully observe the pressure during the test with nitrogen Change the meter to reach the test pressure, and immediately close the nitrogen valve switch; the heating speed should not be too fast, and the pressure should also be carried out slowly, especially the stirring speed, which allows only a slow rise.
Finally, when the kettle body is heated to a higher temperature, do not contact the kettle body to avoid burns; the temperature should be reduced first after the experiment. Do not cool down quickly to prevent damage from excessive temperature differential pressure. At the same time, unplug the power supply in time.
At the same time, the reactor should be maintained after use so that the autoclave can have a better service life.

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