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Stainless steel fermentation tank

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The stainless steel fermentation tank designed by the reactor network is a standard tank type. This tank type uses a jacket type when the nominal volume is below 6M3. The cooling or heating of the fermentation gas is completed by a jacket. When the nominal volume is 6M3 or more, the cooling of the fermentation gas is carried by the vertical pipe. We have improved the connection of the pipe in the tank. This mainly avoids making more holes in the tank, which makes it a blind spot. This continuous method achieves satisfactory results in practical use.
The tank type of fermentation equipment can be divided into two categories: one is the cone type of anaerobic fermentation (such as alcohol fermentation), and the other is the tank type of gas fermentation (such as standard, wood, self-priming, etc.) This type of equipment is most commonly used in standard tanks. The drawings of the fermenter series designed by our factory belong to the standard tank type. When designing fermentation equipment of various specifications, ensure that the design structure is tight, with sufficient strength and service life, and strive to have fewer internal accessories and smooth surfaces. It is noted that there should be good gas and steam contact and stab solid mixing performance. Allows material transfer and gas exchange to take place efficiently. There is sufficient heat exchange area to ensure that the fermentation can be performed at the optimum temperature. Pay attention to the sealing performance of the equipment to ensure sterilization operation.

Nominal volume (M3) Cylinder diameter (Dgmm) Cylinder height H (mm) Heat exchange area M2 Speed of stirring shaft rpm Mixing shaft power KW
10 1800 3800 14 160-260 17-22
15 2000 4800 18 166-260 22-30
20 2200 5000 twenty two 180-260 30-37
30 2400 6600 34 150-250 45-55
40 2600 7500 45 150-250 55-75
50 2800 8000 58 150-250 55-90
60 3000 8300 65 150-250 60-115
75 3200 8800 84 150-250 90-145
100 3600 9400 114 150-250 120-125
150 4200 10800 165 150-250 165-275
200 4600 11500 220 140-240 215-360

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