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The important step of the cold storage needs to be built in accordance with the cold storage process. The installation of different condensers is also different, but the overall rule is to arrange the oil separator and the liquid receiver nearby. Pressure gauges and safety valves must be installed on the condenser. Of course, different condensers have different requirements for layout. Let's take a look.
1.Horizontal condenser
The horizontal condenser cannot be installed in an open-air place. It must be installed in the equipment room of the cold storage. In order to save floor space, the condenser and the liquid reservoir can be arranged on the upper and lower floors. When installing the condenser, leave space for cleaning and tube replacement at one end, and space for lifting the end cover above the two ends.
2.Poured condenser
This type of condenser is to be installed externally. It can be installed outside the computer room ventilation place or on the roof of the computer room. If it is in a windy place, wind shields should be installed around the condenser to protect it.
3.Vertical condenser
The vertical condenser and the shower-type condenser must also be installed outside the machine room, and avoid direct sunlight. The distance between the wall of the pool of the condenser and the wall should be 3 meters. This is to reduce the damage caused by the external splash of cooling water to the wall.

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