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Horizontal condenser

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The condenser is an important device in the refrigeration system, and it can quickly transfer the heat in the pipe to the air near the pipe. The condenser on the car is usually installed in front of the water tank to convert the vapor or gas into a liquid. The chillers in various industries are based on the principle of removing heat from gas or steam. The condenser is in a working state for a long time, and the cooling water generated during operation will form a chemical substance such as carbonate when passing through metal pipes. Oxygen is contained in the cooling water, which causes metal pipes to rust when carbonates meet. The formation of rust will reduce the heat dissipation function of the condenser, so the condenser should be cleaned regularly. How to clean the condenser?
There are two main ways to clean the condenser: physical cleaning and chemical water cleaning.
1. Physical cleaning: Use high-pressure water to direct the metal pipes of the condenser to remove the dirt in the metal pipes. If physical cleaning cannot remove the dirt, chemical cleaning should be used instead.
2. Chemical water cleaning: If you want the condenser to run at high speed in the most efficient state, you must clean up the condenser with special chemical drugs, remove dirt, rust, sterilization and anti-corrosion to achieve the reduction of metal Function, thereby improving the working efficiency of the condenser.
Any equipment that wants to be used for a long time must be cleaned regularly to achieve the best results.

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