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Stainless steel tube and tube condenser

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Recently, many customers will report that when using the condenser, they see that the pressure of the pressure gauge will continue to rise, and it is not clear how to effectively avoid the pressure rise of the condenser. The following suggestions are provided to effectively avoid it The pressure increase of the condenser is as follows: When using the condenser, avoid using too small a condenser. The number of condensers or the number of condensers should be increased. Secondly, the condenser cooling water temperature is too high, it is easy to increase the temperature. In this case, frost water should be used to ensure the cooling effect of the cooling tower. The cooling tower is installed outdoors. Generally, there will be a large amount of dust due to the role of the fan. ,Leaves. Insects enter the tower. A long time will definitely cause the filling of the cooling tower and the pipeline to be blocked. In addition, over a long time, the spray of the water distributor will be blocked by the scale to affect the cooling effect. During normal use, regular cleaning should be ensured frequently. Third, the water distribution of the condenser is uneven. When the water is unevenly distributed, the scale on some tubes will cause the increase of thermal resistance, the decrease of the heat transfer coefficient, and the decrease of the heat transfer effect. , Timely descaling. Fourth, there is air in the condenser. The air in the condenser increases the partial pressure in the system and the total pressure increases. The air will also form a gas layer on the surface of the condenser. The residual thermal resistance will reduce the heat transfer efficiency. As a result, the condensing pressure and condensing temperature will rise. Air should be vented in time.

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