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Causes of decomposition and blasting of stainless steel reactor

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During the use of stainless steel reactors, the situation of decomposition and blasting has been reduced very much. The reason is that due to the continuous progress of the research and development of reactors, the technology has been greatly improved and improved, so that the safety factor of the reactor products has been obtained. Greatly improved, but some serious improper operation may still bring the danger of decomposing and blasting the stainless steel reactor, such as excessive catalyst usage or too fast feeding speed, which will cause the instant temperature rise too fast, etc. will cause the stainless steel reactor to decompose and blast. .
What methods should be taken after this happens in the reactor, and the problems that should be noticed when the reactor is decomposed and blasted:
1. Mechanical impurities are brought into the reaction kettle, which results in local frictional heating and decomposition of the reaction kettle.
Treatment method: Pay attention not to drop mechanical impurities during maintenance.
2. The bearing components wear and heat, and the temperature rise after overheating causes the reactor to decompose and blast.
Treatment method: Strictly check the quality of spare parts and improve the quality of maintenance.
3. The local overheating caused by the friction between the paddle of the agitator blade and the wall of the kettle caused the stainless steel reactor to decompose and blast.
Treatment method: improve the quality of maintenance and spare parts.
4. The catalyst system instrument self-control or catalyst pump operation failure causes the reactor to decompose and explode.
Treatment method: Maintain and debug the instrument to achieve accuracy and sensitivity.
5. Excessive amount of catalyst or too fast feed rate, and instant temperature rise too fast will cause decomposition and blasting.
Treatment method: Strictly control the amount of catalyst, the feeding should be uniform.
6. Increasing the oxygen content of the gas in the process system causes the reactor to decompose and blast. Usually should be no more than 1ppm
Treatment method: strictly control the oxygen content in the process system.
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