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Operating procedures of stainless steel reactor

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First, stainless steel reactor before driving
1. Check whether the inside of the kettle, agitator, rotating parts, auxiliary equipment, indicator, safety valve, pipeline and valve meet the safety requirements.
2. Check whether water, electricity and gas meet safety requirements.
Second, the stainless steel reactor is driving
1. The stirrer of the reaction kettle should be turned on before feeding. When there is no noise and it is normal, add the materials to the reaction kettle, and the quantity of feeding should not exceed the process requirements.
2. Before opening the steam valve, open the return valve first and then the intake valve. The steam valve should be opened slowly to preheat the jacket and gradually increase the pressure. The pressure inside the jacket must not exceed the specified value.
3. The steam valve and the cooling valve cannot be started at the same time. Hammering and collision are not allowed when the steam pipeline is over-gas.
4. When opening the cooling water valve, open the return valve first, and then open the water inlet valve. The pressure of the cooling water shall not be lower than 0.1 MPa and shall not be higher than 0.2 MPa.
5. For water ring vacuum pump, first turn on the pump and then feed the water. When the pump is stopped, stop the pump first and then stop the water.
6. Check the operation of the reactor at any time. If any abnormality is found, stop it for maintenance.
7. When cleaning the titanium epoxy (enamel) reactor, it is not allowed to brush the reactor with alkaline water. Be careful not to damage the enamel.
After the stainless steel reactor is stopped
1. Stop stirring, cut off the power, and close various valves.
2. When the shovel is removed, the power of the blender must be cut off, a warning sign must be hung, and a person must be set up for supervision.
3. The stainless steel reaction kettle must be subjected to periodic technical inspections according to the requirements of the pressure vessel.
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