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Anti-scaling treatment of spiral plate heat exchanger

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At present, the design unit or operation unit often adopts methods such as softening treatment of adding medicine, magnetization and anti-fouling treatment of ion rod, and sodium ion exchange treatment. In order to facilitate the further understanding of these softening treatment methods, the principles, formulas and operation methods of these treatment methods will be introduced separately below.
1. Dosing softening treatment Dosing softening treatment has the characteristics of simple method, high efficiency, good economy and no need for special water-making equipment, etc. It is a highly practical anti-scale water treatment method. According to the different methods of dosing, there are two types of correction agent treatment and anti-scaling treatment.
2. Magnetization antiscaling treatment The principle of magnetization antiscaling treatment is to use the polarity of water molecules, that is, water molecules are covalently combined. The single molecule of water is polymerized into a bimolecular association (H2O) by the action of polarity and hydrogen bonding. 2 or more molecular associations (H2O) n. When the water flow passes through a high-intensity magnetic field, the multi-molecular associations in the water and the ionic magnetic field effect, the associations originally composed of single scattered polyions are broken up into single or short-bonded associations, which are perpendicular at a certain speed. The magnetic field lines of the external magnetic field are cut to generate an induced current. Therefore, each ion establishes a new magnetic field in the same direction as the external magnetic field. Adjacent polar ionic molecules are compressed and attracted to each other in an orderly manner, which results in the change of crystallization conditions. Poor compressive and tensile capabilities, and very brittle, their adhesion and adhesion are also weak, they are not easy to adhere to the heated surface to form scale.
Third, the ion rod anti-scale water treatment Ion rod anti-scale water treatment is a new and advanced water treatment equipment. It is a patented product in the United States in 1987, which was introduced by Changsha York Water Treatment Company. The application in the hot water circulation system, central air conditioning system, and circulating cooling water system has achieved satisfactory antiscalant effects. It is a promising new water treatment equipment, especially in heat exchangers, the effect will be more significant.
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