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Installation and attention points of stainless steel reactor

Date: 2019-12-04 10:03:14 Visits: 199

In the process of production and operation of stainless steel reactor, if you do not pay attention to maintenance, it will be a headache if the equipment is defective. During the installation of the stainless steel reactor, there are many precautions to avoid unnecessary mistakes and improve accuracy. Let me share these matters with you:

1. When installing the stainless steel reactor lid, prevent the sealing surfaces between the reactor lids from bumping against each other.

2. Put the stainless steel reactor kettle lid carefully on the kettle body according to the fixed position. When tightening the main nut, you must tighten it diagonally and symmetrically several times.

3. The force should be uniform, and the lid of the reaction kettle is not allowed to tilt to one side to achieve a good sealing effect.

4. At the connection of the positive and negative nuts of the stainless steel reaction kettle, only the positive and negative nuts should be rotated. The two arc sealing surfaces must not rotate relative to each other. When all nut-shaped joints are assembled, they should be lubricated.

5, stainless steel reactor kettle needle valve line seal, just need to turn the valve needle gently, press tightly on the cover, you can achieve a good sealing effect.

6. Turn the rotary body on the kettle by hand to check whether the operation is flexible.

7. The stainless steel reactor should be placed indoors.

8. When equipped with multiple stainless steel reactors, they should be placed separately.

9. Each operation room should have an outlet directly to the outdoor or aisle, and the equipment location should be well ventilated.
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