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How do stainless steel reactors fire?

Date: 2019-12-04 10:04:01 Visits: 147

The main causes of fires such as equipment leakage often originate from the design stage, so it is very important to do a good job of fire prevention during the design stage. How to fireproof stainless steel reactor:

1. Remove and remove. When possible, remove the equipment, pipes and accessories that need to be dismantled and removed from the fire zone from the main body, move to a safe place to start the fire, and reinstall it after the operation is completed. In place.

2. Isolate and cover. Effectively isolate hot equipment, pipelines and their accessories and related operating systems, such as adding blind plates to pipelines, adding heads or removing a section of pipe to isolate flammable and explosive materials and media The gas entered the point of fire operation.

3. Clean up the scene. It is the most basic requirement to clear the scene before a fire. Before the fire, the flammable and explosive materials around the fire point should be transferred to a safe place, and the site should be cleaned.

4. Check and confirm. After making the relevant preparations, it is important to check and confirm. This is very important. After checking and confirming that it is correct, issue a "fire safety work permit". If you enter the stainless steel reactor to work, you also need to issue a "safety work permit in the equipment" to implement the guardianship.
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